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Salmon Fly Fishing Videos

We’ve rounded up the best salmon fly fishing videos on the internet! While we have a bias towards spey fishing for salmon we decided to dig up some single-hand videos as well. Atlantic, Kings, Coho and of course Chums made the list!

Top 10

Upon making our selection of the top 10 salmon videos, we decided rather than ranking them, we would break them down by species!

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Videos

Above: The clear rivers of the Gaspe peninsula look dreamy in this short video by ___. This fun short shows the dynamic waterways of the fishery and has some killer ariel footage of hooking Atlantic Salmon to boot. Not only is the scenery and fishing great, but this video really makes you feel that the anglers are off the beaten path and have the river to themselves.

Above: Hooke

Above: Jasper goes yoking

Above: Aelva river

King Salmon Fly Fishing Videos

Above: Sandy River Lodge

Above: Todd Men goes BC nookie

Above: nook

Fly Fishing for Chum Salmon Videos

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