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Silver Salmon Fishing Alaska

Silver Salmon begin to show up in Alaska’s rivers from late July through September with many rivers seeing two distinct runs of silvers. Most anglers making plans for silver salmon fishing Alaska try to schedule their trips during the first two weeks of August. This maximizes their chances at finding the most fresh silvers. Conventional gear can be effective for catching silvers, but fly fishing for coho/silver salmon is becoming the more popular method for pursuing these aggressive salmon.

Silver salmon fishing Alaska
Silver Salmon Fishing Alaska

Silver Salmon Fishing Near Anchorage

Anglers do not have to go far for silver salmon fishing near Anchorage, Alaska. In city limits, Ship Creek is a popular and accessible location to target these aggressive fish. To support the local angling pressure Ship Creek is hatchery enhanced, and the silver salmon return is best from mid July through August.

Campbell Creek in Anchorage also provides in-town fishing opportunities for hatchery silvers, but be aware of current regulations regarding what sections of Campbell creek are open to fishing. 

North of Anchorage, Eklutna Tailrace is a purely hatchery-based silver salmon fishery. It is easily accessed along the Knik River. As more of conventional fisherman’s paradise, you will find fisherman in lawn chairs fishing roe or twitching jigs. Early August is best here. 

Further north, near Wasilla, the Little Susitna river typically receives good returns of wild silver salmon. Similarly the Deshka river and other clearwater tributaries can be great August fisheries for silver salmon. The Deshka must be accessed by jet boat and can be a great day out with local guides.

South of Anchorage, nearly 27 miles, Bird Creek dumps into Turnagain Arm and can be a quick fishing mission. Bird creek is hatchery enhanced as well. Anglers find best success catching silver salmon two hours before high tide until about an hour after the tide begins dropping. You can find the local tide charts here. Bring bear spray!

Silver Salmon Fishing Kenai Peninsula

Fishing the peninsula for silver salmon is quite possibly the best region of the state for the road access angler! From the small watersheds on the peninsula’s north and south sides, to the tributaries of the Kenai River itself, there is no shortage of angling access. If timed right, silver salmon fishing Kenai Peninsula can be spectacular!

Ingram Creek: Along the Seward highway at mile marker 75.3 (near the Whittier turnoff) there is a large parking lot that provides access for fishing Ingram creek. This smaller creek does not see huge runs of silvers but can be a great quick spot to catch a few. Fishing is best near the highway, but be careful of the muddy tidal flats and changing tides.

Resurrection Creek: In Hope, Alaska this small creek has great access near its mouth, where it dumps into the Turnagain Arm. Access continues all the way up to it’s headwaters and can be utilized by the Resurrection Pass Trail. However, the lower river is best for salmon. This creek is in recovery stages from its polluted history as a gold mining town. Fortunately, the recovery work being led by the National Forest Service is looking promising! Keep in mind the muddy tidal flats are notorious for trapping and drowning the uncautious angler. 

Swanson River: This small and low-gradient river drains many lakes and bogs into the Turnagain Arm. It is accessible near Sterling, AK. Drive approximately 25 miles down Swanson River Rd or find access from the Kenai Spur Highway. Silvers can be readily caught in this river, especially for anglers able to venture aways from the easy access. Alaska Dept of Fish and Game stocks some of the lakes in the area with silvers for more angling opportunities.

Silver Salmon Fishing Seward AK

There might not be a better location than silver salmon fishing Seward, AK. This area provides some of the better access to silver fisheries in the state. Seriously, Seward has better access than anywhere else on the road system! Seward’s easy access includes Resurrection River, Spring Creek, Seward Lagoon, and Tosina Creek. Otherwise, many great local guide services are offered and based out of the quaint waterfront town of Seward. 

Resurrection River: Dumping into resurrection bay in seward Alaska the river itself is easily accessible from the highway bridge at mile 2.8 and can be fished in either direction. Prime time for silver salmon is early August. 

Spring Creek: Travel 5 miles from Seward to reach the mouth of Spring Creek where it enters the saltwater. Fishing is not allowed in the creek itself, however fishing from the beach is a great way to target returning hatchery salmon, notably silvers. The most common method here is snagging, although fly fishing is highly recommended and much more sporting!

Seward Lagoon Creek: Another option for the Seward region, this too is a saltwater fishery for returning hatchery silver salmon. The access is from below the waterfall as the road heads out to Lowell Point.

Tonsina Creek: To get here, enjoy the beautiful 2.5 mile hike from Caine’s Head Trailhead in the Lowell Point State Recreation area. Hiking in will separate you from most of the Seward region’s angling pressure. Anglers who fish the alluvial fan of the creek where it dumps into the saltwater seem to have the most success. Otherwise, look for schooling fish near the creek’s mouth.

Silver Salmon Fishing Homer, AK

Fishing Homer, Alaska for silver salmon can be a pinnacle experience for anyone’s trip to the 49th state! Silvers begin to show up in late July and can be caught through late september. Many watersheds in this area see two distinct runs of silvers, an early and late run. 

Homer Spit: The saltwater pond on the Homer spit is stocked with hatchery silver salmon and accordingly provides an easy-access opportunity for anglers to catch the returning fish. This location can be crowded, especially with an incoming tide when the majority of fish enter the pond.

Anchor River: The infamous Anchor River is one of the most popular fisheries on the lower Kenai Peninsula. This river sees returns of every salmon species. However, this river stands out for its great silver salmon fishing. With easy access from the multitude of campgrounds and beach access, it doesn’t take long to figure this clear water river out. This is a great river for fly fishing, make sure to bring a box of flies for silver salmon.

Deep Creek: As a good-sized clear water stream, Deep Creek dumps into the Turnagain Arm near mile marker 137 on the highway. With a decent silver return, the best time to fish here is on incoming tides.

Silver Salmon Fishing Valdez Alaska

Fishing Valdez, Alaska for silver salmon provides great opportunities and memories for anglers of any skill level. Silvers begin to show up in force from the Prince William Sound around mid August. The fishery in this part of the state is heavily supported by the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery. This program releases 1.8 million silver salmon smolts annually. With this much emphasis on silvers, the City of Valdez hosts a reputable Silver Salmon fishing derby!

Robe River: Draining Robe Lake, the Robe River provides a great local fishery for Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon and Silver Salmon. Currently, the river is closed to fishing above the highway bridge. It is fly fishing only from the bridge down to the confluence with the Lowe River. 

Solomon Gulch Creek: Primarily known for its large return of pink salmon, this creek can provide opportunities for silver salmon as well. It’s best to fish here in late August after most of the pinks have died off. Be warned, this area is known as a favorite fishing location amongst the bear community!

Allison Point: Fishing here is a saltwater only fishery and can be great fun on a calm day casting to pods of fish offshore. There is good parking to be found at the campground or on the shoulder of the road.

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