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Steelhead Fly Fishing Videos

We’ve scoured the web to roundup our favorite steelhead fly fishing videos and films. We like videos that are created with quality shots, interesting stories and most importantly, good fishing ethics. Steelhead need strong advocates for their delicate species to recover across their native ranges, so we hold to that standard for our video roundup.

The Best Steelhead Film – Ever

If you’ve never seen Low & Clear by Snagfilms, you are clearly new to steelheading, or perhaps, live in a shack by a steelhead run. This movie is a beautiful juxtaposition of the two primary mentalities seen in the steelhead fly fishing community; there’s the ‘got to get-em’ guys or there is the purists that value ‘method over outcome’. Beyond that, this film masterfully reveals the friendship of soulful J.T. Van Zandt and obsession-driven Alex “Xenie” Hall with an unbeatable soundtrack. This film will forever transcend steelheading culture.

Spey Fishing Films

Pro snowboarder Eric Jackson drives home this exemplary film about finding balance in life between charging ahead and relaxation. The film is cutting edge with equal parts snowboarding and fishing. Sit back and watch the scenic views of BC and some crazy, mind-warping snowboarding shots. Oh, and there is of course some massive winter steelhead caught – nice job Darcy Bacha!

Swing Season Patagonian Steel is a series from Sage Fly Fish, and they are all damn good! In this film, narrator Callan Wink, brings us to the only naturally reproducing Atlantic steelhead fishery on Rio Santa Cruz in Argentina. The river looks gorgeous, the asada over the fire delicious, and the steelhead look big and chrome!

Olympic Peninsula local and guide Gray Struznik is featured in Sage’s Swing Season, The Slowdown. This episode hits home the state of decreasing steelhead returns and how steelhead anglers need to start adopting mentality shifts in ‘how many fish is enough’. We all need to do our part in protecting the chrome fish we admire so much!

We must really love BC steel! Here’s another film from the holy land by the crew over at OPST. Northbound highlights making a life change and jumping in with two feet, and how it can be worth the risk.

Another episode of Swing Season from Sage Fly Fish, British Colombia Whispers takes us on a scenic through some of the Skeena system’s holiest waters.

Chrome highlights the romanticism of swinging for steelhead and the daily grind to find success. We need pristine wilderness systems like this as refugee for anadromous fish. As always, Kate Taylor – now Kate Crump, steals the show putting in some killer casts and keeping the crew in check!

Todd Moen with Catch Magazine takes us to the infamous Jeff Hickman’s back yard in this video Fall Run. Highlighting sexy coastal creeks and rivers of the PNW, we see what makes this area of the USA so special for steel headers.

An Ode to Steel

There is something g about swing fishing for steelhead – and we are definitely biased towards spey casting methods for these fish. Maybe it’s the slow mediative and reflective cycle of stepping through a long run in pristine forests. Maybe it’s violent eruption of a chrome fish when you finally swing into a steelhead after days of silence. We think it’s both of these factors, the appreciation of earning your fish. Be sure to check out our selection of salmon fly fishing videos as well!

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